April 2008 Meeting

Socialize and Discuss Community

  1. Group stuff
    1. Sponsors. I have already sent out sponsor requests, just waiting to hear back
      1. Manning press is on board already
      2. Jordan sent info to Wrox and APress
  2. Creation of our website.
    1. need to come up with a domain name
    2. I have hosting we can use
    3. Need to create a quick and dirty site for now (going to see if Kyle Baley will give use the code to http://www.bahanet.org/ for now). We need the site for out sponsors
  3. Planning for the Code Camp
    1. Location - Last I heard we had space, but this is not confirmed. I am working on that
    2. Tracks
    3. Various Responsibilities
      1. Sponsors
      2. Speakers
      3. Wearables
      4. Food
      5. Pre-setup volunteers
      6. Day of volunteers
    4. Creation of a website (a subdomain of our site?)

When: 2008-04-23 18:00:00

Where: Absolute Solutions, 203 N La Salle St, Ste # M18, Chicago (map)

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