July 2010 Meeting

MongoDB 101

6:00 pm
Pizza and networking time

6:30 pm

MongoDB is a schema-free, document-oriented, and highly performant database system for multiple platforms. Along with many other "NoSQL" databases such as CouchDB and DB40 it allows a new way of thinking about how we store and retrieve data.

This presentation is intended to be an introduction to getting started with MongoDB and will touch on topics such as:

  • The Mongo shell and administrative functions
  • Query syntax
  • Basic Schema Design
  • Indexing
  • Map/Reduce
  • Replication and Sharding
  • Using the Mongo NoRM driver for C#

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JC Grubbs is a software engineer at Geneca in Oakbrook, IL primarily working with on the .NET platform. He has worked as a software consultant in a number of industries and attempts to bring fresh technologies and ideas to each new project.

He blogs at http://www.thegrubbsian.com and you can find him on Twitter @thegrubbsian.

When: 2010-07-14 18:00:00

Where: Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, Suite 750, Chicago (map)

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