June 2009 Meeting

Git Without Puns

This month we will take a look at Git, a distributed version control system that has been gaining a lot of popularity since its introduction.

As with everything that is new and is touted as a replacement for an existing product, it's easy to try and map Git's functionality to Subversion, CVS or TFS for example. To better use Git, we should avoid too much comparison and also try to understand how it was built and how it works under the hood.

Here are the things we will be seeing and discussing in this session.

  • Brief tour of Git on Windows (SSH, PuTTY, Git Bash, GUI)
  • Git is distributed. How does that benefits me?
  • Git's object database.
  • Git's main objects (blobs, trees, commits and tags)
  • Git workflows. Choose or create yours.
  • Working with Git
    • Configuration tips
    • Create a repo
    • Clone a repo
    • Add/Commit changes
    • Reference another repo
    • Update repo (to/from)
    • Branching, merging, rebasing
  • Hosting Git
  • Github, social project forking
The presentation slides are available for download.

Sergio Pereira has been developing software professionally since the mid 90's. After a short period of desktop application development, Sergio changed his focus to web development and never looked back. He's a strong believer in continuous improvement of himself, the processes, and the tools he uses in the software craft.

If you don't see Sergio in front of his computer screen, you will probably find him in front of an even bigger screen watching some live sports or a silly movie. You can find out more about Sergio on his blog or following @sergiopereira on Twitter.

When: 2009-06-10 18:00:00

Where: Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, Suite 750, Chicago (map)

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