September 2010 Meeting

Selenium 101.3: Practical Functional Testing Techniques

6:00 pm
Pizza and networking time

6:30 pm

The intent for this presentation is to either scare you away from ever using Selenium, or show you the most efficient path into it's use. There are bunch of give and take considerations to be made. Knowing this give and take will give you the ability to decide whether functional testing with selenium is right for you or whether it is just a really bad idea. A side conversation about other technologies is encouraged.

The use of Selenium can be extremely beneficial to product lifecycle, and QA folks should really consider selenium as part of their tool belt for projects going forward. Just think about it — 80% of your functional tests being cross browser, automated, and complete regression covering.

  • Functional Testing Paradigms
  • What else is out there for functional testing? : Comparison
  • Selenium Components
    • Overview - How do these things tie together?
    • IDE
    • RC
    • Server
  • Cross Browser Goodness
    • Cloud Testing
    • Browser Modes With RC/Server
  • Practical Usage



Brad Wilkening is a Software Artisan at Geneca in Oakbrook, IL primarily working with the .NET platform.

He has worked as a software consultant, a technical trainer and a full time musician. Best known for his "Questions regarding wagile" in one of the previous Alt.Net meetings, he tries constantly to include other people's input on all of his challenges; recognizing the benefit of collaboration.

His current focus is on cloud, mobile, and enterprise search. Brad believes in the unconference and will do his best to encourage the participation of the Alt.Net community on Sept 8th.

His twitter is @bwilken and he blogs at about stuff that is occasionally software related.

When: 2010-09-08 18:00:00

Where: Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, Suite 750, Chicago (map)

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