January 2013 Meeting

HTML5 Web Workers

Web Workers are described in Wikipedia like:

The W3C and WHATWG envision web workers as long-running scripts that are not interrupted by user-interface scripts (scripts that respond to clicks or other user interactions). Keeping such workers from being interrupted by user activities should allow Web pages to remain responsive at the same time as they are running long tasks in the background.

Multithreading in JavaScript is finally here.

Web Workers is one of the most exciting new technologies to be released with HTML5. Developers now have the ability to delegate long running tasks to background threads. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for developing the next generation of web applications.

Before putting Web Workers to use it's important to understand some key concepts. We'll cover Web Worker fundamentals and how to debug them.


Sample code

You can also download slides and examples used in this presentation.

Ahmed Ijaz is a Senior Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters where he develops an e-billing application for law firms using ASP.NET.

He's been developing software for over 10 years mainly using the .NET platform and is currently learning to develop for the Mac. His personal blog can be found at ahmedijaz.com.

He moved to Chicago from Canada. When he's not building software, he's busy trying to keep up with his kids.

When: 2013-01-09 18:00:00

Where: SPR/Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, 35th Floor, Chicago (map)

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