July 2013 Meeting

Going for Speed: Testing for Performance

Unit Testing has settled into the mainstream. As developers, we write code that checks code, ensuring that the outcome matches some expected result. But, are we really?

As end-users (which includes each one of us from time to time), when we ask a question, we don't just expect our answer to be right, we expect it to be right now. So as developers, why are we only validating for accuracy? Why aren't we going for speed?

During this session we will discuss meeting the performance needs of an application, including developing a performance specification, measuring application performance using proper tools, and asserting on these measurements to ensure that all expectations are met.

Your application does "right." Let's focus on "right now."

Jay Harris is a code wrangler, software consultant, and president of Arana Software. He has been developing on the web since 1995, when the Blink tag lured him away from Visual Basic 3. With a career focus on user experience, Jay has a passion for practices that improve quality and usability, such as performance optimization, unit testing, and proper grammar.

Originally from Rochester, New York, he and his wife, Amy, have lived in Michigan since 2003. They like Michigan, but still consider themselves tourists, and probably always will..

When: 2013-07-10 18:00:00

Where: SPR/Redpoint Technologies, 233 South Wacker Dr, 33rd floor, Chicago (map)

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