May 2012 Meeting

Getting deeper into microcontrollers with The Maungs

Microcontrollers are wonderful. They have their pros and cons.

We will go over their pros and cons as well as basics in this session. Then we'll get into things we can do with microcontrollers such as driving motors and operating day to day items. We will actually use them to control physical items in our lives — beyond our basic toys and typical demo materials.

We can then get into actually making our own add-on boards(shield) for microcontrollers (arduino and netduino) and building a basic arduino Uno device from scratch.


Geeks of all trade, Lwin and Min Maung are the creators of Windows Phone Android for Android. Hackathon winners. They develop on Android, Windows Phone, and more.

Follow them on twitter: @Kluesman, @LMaung

When: 2012-05-09 18:00:00

Where: SPR/Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, 35th Floor, Chicago (map)

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