May 2013 Meeting

Cross Platform Push with Azure

The way users use smartphones is changing. Where before we had a limited number of social services (mostly Facebook) we could rely on the user to check their feeds and see if there were important changes. But now, especially with the proliferation of social services this is no longer practical.

Enter Push Notifications, a way to send the data the user deems important to them. While the idea of Push is not new, it is coming to the forefront after Microsoft built their entire platform around it. Its importance cannot be understated and has made other platforms look at how they can better utilize it.

This talk will focus on the user experience aspects of Push and why its important. We will then dive into a full example utilizing iOS, Android, .NET and Azure as we explore how Push is/can be handled on these various platforms.


Slide deck

You can also download the slides used in this presentation.

Jason Farrell works for the Centare Group in Chicago. Formally from Michigan, Jason moved to Chicago in April of 2012 to help build the Centare office in Chicago.

Jason focuses primarily on client facing solution involving mobile, web, and client side across many verticals. In his spare time Jason enjoys learning cutting edge technologies (currently SignalR and AngularJS) as well as video games and running.

Outside of technology Jason is an avid traveler having lived in Japan and summited Mt. Fuji. Jason also enjoys biking and cooking

When: 2013-05-08 18:00:00

Where: SPR/Redpoint Technologies, 233 South Wacker Dr, 33rd floor, Chicago (map)

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