September 2011 Meeting

Objective-C and iOS for .NET Developers

iOS has become a very large target for application development with the popularity of Apple's mobile devices. It will become even more significant as it increasingly influences newer MacOS X versions. And even though there are several options to develop for iOS without knowing Objective-C, learning this native programming language allows you to use all the new technologies right away, without depending on third party developers.

In this presentation, Eduardo will be talking about what it is like for a .NET/C# developer to develop for iOS. The tools are different, and the language, and the platform, so knowing upfront what you will need can save you a lot of time.


Eduardo Scoz is a software engineer/consultant/agilist based in Chicago, IL. With over 15 of experience developing business applications for the web, he currently works for Redpoint Technologies as a Senior Engineer and Agile Coach. During the last 6 years, Eduardo has worked on many different platforms, like .NET, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flex, Objective-C and MonoTouch.

When: 2011-09-14 18:00:00

Where: Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, Suite 750, Chicago (map)

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