September 2012 Meeting

Cryptography (and Security) For Coders

This interactive presentation will cover many of the building blocks of modern security, with an emphasis on cryptography. Topics include encryption, hashing, passwords, injection, session management, and developer security. Dev-ops topics (such as server security, cloud hosting, application stacks, etc.) and higher-level concepts (OAuth, cross-site scripting, architectures) will be also be touched on if requested.

Ideally, each topic will be a relatively dense 5 minute overview hitting the core theory along with code samples. Topics will be chosen by audience participation (bring your voices.)

Details for the talk will be taken from my experience, academia, OWASP, Security Now, and an assortment of security-focused presentations and papers. The talk will assume little to no prior security knowledge, though we won�t spend much time on anything you already know.


C.M. Lubinski.

In the academic world, I completed my undergraduate degree at Grinnell College in Iowa and am currently working towards a master�s degree from DePaul University. I am pretty keen on education, so in addition, I tend to take random online courses and read technical papers.

Professionally, I have several years of experience in web development and enjoy working with various technology stacks. Presently, I am thrilled to be developing in Scala, and would recommend you use it, too. This combination of academics and experience helps me stay in tune with current buzzwords without being carried away by the hype.

I tend to specialize in programming languages and web services, focusing on stability, scale-ability, and security. Presently, I am the chief developer at Toodalu, writing all of the back-end logic and a majority of the web application.

When: 2012-09-12 18:00:00

Where: SPR/Redpoint, 233 South Wacker Dr, 35th Floor, Chicago (map)

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